Geospatial/Land Surveys

Geospatial/Land Survey Services


The Polaris Geomatics division establishes our place in the Geospatial survey sector bringing with it a whole range of support services in Digital cartography and Data management taking full advantage of recent technological advances in these fields. This division concentrates on precise positioning services, Geophysical and geological advice, topographic, hydrographic and geological mapping and support services for construction and engineering projects and data management.

We have carried out most offshore services on behalf of the oil and gas industry in West Africa.


  • High order control establishment – GPS
  • Large and small scale Topographic survey
  • Pre/Post route survey
  • Construction/setting out services
  • As built and record plans
  • Monitoring and Reconnaissance surveys
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Geophysical surveys, Pipeline and cable location
  • Geo spatial data management
  • Photogrammetry and mapping
  • Provision of wide area accurate satellite positioning at decimeter accuracy level,
  • Provision of rig and well head positioning services,
  • Vehicle tracking asset monitoring.


  • Large and small-scale topographic mapping
  • Geological and Geophysical mapping
  • Survey data acquisition, processing and reporting
  • Digital Cartography, Digitizing and vectorising
  • Graphical data cleaning
  • Topology building and Micro Station Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • GIS System management and application development.
  • Procurement and geo referencing of satellite imagery
  • Consultancy and support (CAD and project management)
  • CAD system setup and configuration
  • Mapping standards and symbology creation
  • Electronic Information and work flow management
  • Drawing and document scanning and indexing