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We provide high quality and cost effective services having our Vision and Mission in mind

For over 12 Years and counting
Our Vision

Has always been to become the leading solution provider of engineering and geoscience services in Sub Saharan Africa.

Our Mission

To remain focused on providing top quality services on information related to the earth by employing advanced technology, highly specialized staff, safe and environment-friendly systems to create value for clients, employees, stakeholders and host community.

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About Polaris

Polaris Consulting Company Ltd. is a 100% indigenous based company with a focus on optimizing local Nigerian content to create value and jobs in Nigeria and with a credible track record for the excellent provision of Earth solutions and support services in the Nigerian and West African oil and gas industry. We are fully committed to the developmental processes for achieving growth and optimizing Nigerian content in all aspects of our business activities. 

Our Team

Our management and staff have extensive cumulative working experience in Nigeria spanning a period of over fifty-five years. We recognize that success depends upon delivering a constant high-quality service and we have been able to sustain this through leverage on our reliable and efficient service via the network of our associated and affiliated companies and most importantly our motivated Nigerian workforce. Polaris Consulting deals with the collection, processing and interpretations of data related to the earth surface, the soils and rocks beneath and providing advice based on these results, generally for purposes related to the Oil and Gas Industry, Mining and general Civil Engineering structures. Polaris provides accurate and economical measurements and interpretations of data generated from the soil, water and/or air together with creative solutions to Client’s needs.

Why Choose Polaris?

As a Strong and leading Earth science service provider of first choice, Polaris provides you with up to date information that will give you the sound basis to evaluate the risks and liabilities associated with your projects. Our activities are woven around these key elements.

  • A combination of high-quality service
    Our experienced staffs are sensitive to client’s interest and are available when needed. Furthermore, we keep up to date with new developments and analytical methods
  • Independent, objective advice based on a structured approach-the value-added chain

We have brought many years of experience and versatile expertise in mapping and Geomatics services. Consequently, we have developed tools to ensure uniformity and uniqueness in quality of our work and its presentation. Our approach is based on our distinctive Polaris approach: the value chain, which gear to specific needs.

  • Quick response
    Polaris has laid down procedures, equipment and Staff that are readily available. As such, Polaris can mobilize anywhere in Nigeria within 24hours.
    In addition, it is our standard procedure to work with agreed time schedules so that our deliverables are completed and available when required by you while maintaining the highest professional standards.
  • Professionalism
    Polaris exhibits a high level of professionalism in our dealings with our clients and yet very flexible in our interactions with the Client. Our end results are geared towards client’s satisfaction.

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